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Come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our God. (Psalm 95:6)

Thank you for your desire to help lead our congregation in their worship as one of our volunteers.  Every worship experience requires planning, preparation, and excellent implementation. It requires the collaboration of many people. No matter what your role might be … lighting a candle, handing out a bulletin, or singing a song … you are an active part of our worship ministry here at Charlton Church.  Together, we will strive to provide worship opportunities that are welcoming, encouraging and spiritually uplifting.

The following information is designed to highlight the basic guidelines and procedures for the various worship assistant positions.  Though there is much to do, we have attempted to keep it as ‘short and sweet’ as possible.  It is our desire to help you better understand your role as a leader of worship and to provide you with the tools you need to do your best.  We hope that you will review this handbook, and then refer back to it from time to time, so that we can together make the worship experience here at Charlton Church the best that it can be!Type your paragraph here.


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Audio/Visual Tech

Communion Stewards



Welcome Desk

The Highs and Lows of Leading Worship

It is an honor to assist in the leadership of a worship service.  But it also comes with a great responsibility.  Everything we do or say … every action we make, word we speak, or note we sing … is done for the glory of God.  As worship leaders, we must also recognize that everything we do should enhance the worship of those who have gathered.  Our actions, words and songs should help them focus on God; they should not distract them from their worship.

There is nothing more rewarding than to know that God has used your ministry to touch the life of an individual.  We may never know how often a simple action such as extending a hand of welcome or reading a Scripture passage, may open a person’s heart or mind to the very presence of God.  But we do know beyond any doubt that it does happen … and it happens quite often.

The downside of assisting in a worship service is that it often makes it more difficult for the leader to worship.  Worship leaders must continually strive to remain focused on their responsibilities.  We must “keep our head in the game,” as they say.  We must be sure that we do our best to accomplish the task we have been given.  Yet it is vitally important to remember that we are to lead those gathered into worship.   We are not called to “push” them to worship or to “follow” them.  We are to lead them, which requires our commitment to be in worship ourselves.Type your paragraph here.