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Sunday, March 1   ::   Curse of Thorns   ::   Genesis 3:14-20 / Genesis 3:1-13
In the story of the Fall, when God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden;
God cursed the ground. His curse was for thorns and thistles to grow in the ground to frustrate and cause pain. We will to the deep meaning of the curse of thorns and examine to how the curse is still around today.

Sunday, March 8   ::   Through the Thorns   ::   Exodus 3:1-4 / Exodus 3:1-10
God spoke to Moses through a burning thorn bush. We will examine the reasons why God choose a thorn bush through which to speak to Moses. We will also look to ways God speaks out of thorn in our lives today.

Sunday, March 15   ::   Worship from Thorns   ::   Exodus 25:10, 23; 26:15, 26; 30:1 / Exodus 24:1-4
The early tabernacle was built by Moses so God’s presence could dwell on earth with his people. God told Moses to build the tabernacle and many its important sacred items with wood from a tree covered with thorns. We will examine the significance of the thorn wood and look to how this should shape our understanding of worship today.

Sunday, March 22   ::   Soil of Thorns   ::   Matthew 13:18-23 / Matthew 13:1-9
One of Jesus most famous parables was the parable of the soils. In this parable we read about the thorns growing and choking out the seed. We will discuss what this means and how thorns still hinder our faith today.

Sunday, March 29   ::   Paul’s Thorn   ::   Luke 6:43-44 / 2 Corinthians 12:6-10
Paul had a torn in his flesh, which was some kind of ailment or source of pain. We will examine why Paul called it a “torn in his flesh”, and look to how we dealt with the pain. We will learn about how to focus on God in hard times.

Palm Sunday, April 5   ::   Field of Thorns   ::   Joshua 1:1-9 / Joshua 2:1-7
Before the Hebrew people could go into the promised land they were camped out in a field of thorns. Moses died and Joshua was chosen as their new leader. We will look at the connections between Joshua and Jesus and examine how the Messiah brought hope to people in prickly times.

Maundy Thursday, April 9   ::   Servants Crown   ::   Matthew 23:11
We may think that kings, queens, and greatly esteemed people are seen by God was worthy of great crowns. However, Jesus makes it clear that the greatest crowns belong to servants of God. We will examine what this mean for our lives today.

Good Friday, April 10   ::   Savior Crown   ::   Matthew 27:27-31
Jesus sacred head was wounded when the crown of thorns was placed upon his head. We will look to the great significant of the face of God being marred. We will see that even through marred by the crown of thorns, Jesus beauty only grew.

Easter Sunday, April 12   ::   Crowned King   ::   Ephesians 2:1-10 / Matthew 28:1-10
Jesus died with a crown of thorns upon his head being mocked as the King of Jews. On Easter morning Jesus arose as King. King of all things. We will explore why we call Jesus king and what it means for our lives today.

Bright Sunday, April 19   ::   No More Thorns   ::   2 Timothy 4:8 / Psalm 98
The song Joy to the World is celebrating its 300th year birthday. It is not really a Christmas song, instead it is song about the return of Christ. We will celebrate the all the great things that will happen with Jesus returns including the removal of the curse of thorns and his people receiving a crown of their own.

Psalm 122:1

I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'