What If Jesus Was Born Today?
It’s easy to distance ourselves from the birth of Jesus. After all, it happened more than 2,000

years ago, and it happened in a place and culture quite different from where we live. But what

if Jesus was born today? We will find that our hopes, fears, and doubts today would be similar

to the feelings people had during the first Christmas.  

Sunday, December 1   ::   Elizabeth and Zechariah   ::   Impossible    ::   Luke 1:34-37 / Luke 1:8-25
There is nothing impossible for God. We all believe this and we look for God to do the impossible. However, when the impossible is not done by God we doubt his power and grace. Could it be what failed was not God but our expectations of Him? Using illustrations from the Christmas story we will seek to understand what it truly means for all things to be possible through God.

Sunday, December 8   ::   Mary   ::   “Unbelievable”   ::   John 1:43-51 / Luke 1:26-38
Joseph is asked to believe the unbelievable. He gave up his standing in society and what was do him to accept the unbelievable. Then he lived with it. We too are called to believe the unbelievable. Will you, and how will it effect your life?
Sunday, December 15   ::   Joseph   ::   “Unthinkable”   ::   1 Cor 1:18-31 / Matthew 1:18-25
The Christmas story seems like foolishness. Angelic visitations, the virgin birth, Joseph’s dream, and similar stories all seem foolish. These are the things of a children’s bedtime story and not those of a practical world. The Apostle Paul calls the gospel message “foolish”, so that this make us fools? To the world Christians do look foolish, but for those who believe it is the foolishness that strengthens our faith.

Sunday, December 22   ::   Religious Leaders   ::   “Impractical”   Jeremiah 23:5-6, Isaiah 7:14 / Isaiah 11:1-10
Doubt is sneaky. It creeps into our lives in expected and unexpected times. We doubt our relationship, coworkers, our government, and even God. What do we do when whispers in our ears? Doubt is not a bad thing, yet it can lead to a broken faith. We will seek to find ways to better wrestle with the doubt in our lives.

Christmas Eve   ::   Tuesday, December 24   ::   Jesus   ::   “The First Christmas”   ::   Luke 2:1-21
The first Christmas was not like our Christmases today. There were no decorated trees, gifts, or fruitcake; instead the first Christmas was humble and hidden. Yet, there was one event that was spectacular, one that every Christmas to follow could not compare. The event was the first Christmas sermon preached by an angel and the response of the heavenly host. May we find a portion of this hope and joy as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.
Sunday, December 29   ::   Jesus Birth   ::   “Inconceivable”   ::   John 20:24-29 / Luke 2:1-7
Once you could say that “seeing was believing”. However, today we don’t necessarily believe the things we see. There can be a picture or video of an event which people interpret in different ways. If had Jesus baby picture; Jesus would look like a normal baby and not the Son of God. Whether we see something with our physical eyes or the eyes of our heart, it takes faith to believe.

Epiphany   ::   Sunday, January 5   ::   Wisemen   ::   “Unfeasible”   ::   Matthew 4:19 / Matthew 2:1-12
Life’s greatest decision is whether to not to follow Jesus. It is a decision that sets the course for your life on earth. The wise men decided to follow the star and they found Jesus. Will you follow the light of Christ in the new year and beyond?

Psalm 122:1

I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'

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