A United Methodist Community

Where Faith Meets Life

5920 Jonestown Road

Harrisburg, PA 17112




General Information

  • Please keep the Welcome Desk clean and orderly. This desk is NOT a place for fliers to be laid out for people to pick up.
  • The only things that should be kept on top of the desk are the church brochures and current newsletters.
  • All other items (volunteer schedules, etc.) should be kept in the top drawer and handed out when someone asks for it.  Some of the normal items kept at the desk include the Worship Volunteer Schedule and the Funeral Pre-Planning Form, both of which should be in the top center drawer.
  • The top right drawer is used for lost and found items.
  • Although we use the Connection Card for our church family to sign up for events, the Welcome Desk attendant is sometimes responsible for selling/distributing tickets for church events.

Guest Relations

  • Greet guests warmly, but give them their space.  Many new guests don’t want to be overwhelmed. 
  • Ask them to fill out a Guest Card.  If they do this at the Welcome Desk, be sure it gets turned into the office.  If they take it with them, ask them to place it in the offering plate.
  • Offer them a church brochure or any of the specific program brochures that may interest them.
  • Ask if they need assistance locating the sanctuary, nursery and restrooms. Feel free to ask any friendly church member that is in the lobby to take them to any of these areas.

Preschool Gift Cards

  • Be sure to mark the form with the person’s name, the type of card purchased (both store and amount), and method of payment.
  • Checks should be made payable to Charlton UMC.
  • The “red box” from preschool gift cards should be given to a staff member at the end of the morning to be properly secured.

During the Service

  • The purpose of having someone at the Welcome Desk during the services is not only to welcome anyone who may enter the church, but also to provide security.  If a stranger comes into the lobby during a service, and you feel uncomfortable in any way, you can signal the ushers for assistance.  You can do this by turning on the ‘light switch’, which is located on the wall behind the TV on the bottom right side.
  • In order to hear the service in the lobby, you are able to adjust the speaker volume.  The control is the knob that you can turn left and right, which is also located on the wall behind the TV on the bottom right side.

First Service Volunteers
It might be helpful to see if the coffee in the lobby needs refreshed around 9:15 AM.

Second Service Volunteers
Once the service has begun at 11AM, please turn off the coffee and clean up that area.  The coffee carafes should simply be rinsed out and placed on the shelf below the coffee maker.  Do not use soap to wash out the carafes. The rest of the items can be stored in the credenza drawers.