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While you may be working “behind the scenes”, operating the sound board and Power Point program are two of the most important roles in our worship service.  Without these volunteers, the work of our pastors, liturgist and choirs are meaningless.   Of all the various worship leader roles, the sound and visual technicians make the greatest sacrifice of their own worship for the benefit of everyone else.  These technicians must be “on their toes” at all times, not only caring for what is happening at the moment, but also preparing for what is coming next. 

A special Tech Bulletin is printed each week, with specific cues for the tech personnel.

Sound Technicians

  • Please remember that the goal is to amplify the sound and not to magnify it.   Simply put, amplifying the sound makes it able for the worshipper to clearly hear what is being said and sung.  Magnifying the sound increase the volume to a point where it begins to distort the sound and is too loud for most people to comfortably listen to.
  • Be sure to check the wireless mikes prior to each service to be sure they have powered batteries and are at the correct level.
  • Always be sure to be aware of what is coming next in the order of worship.  It is better to be prepared and have a mike turned on PRIOR to someone speaking, than to have the mike turned on AFTER they have begun speaking.
  • Be aware that the location of our sound board is not in a proper location.  Since it is set outside of the sanctuary itself, you are only hearing 75% of what is heard by the people in the pews.  Feel free to occasionally step into the center aisle to monitor a correct level.
  • Unless you are told differently, the Pastor will turn his own mic on and off during the service.  Do not mute his mic.
  • Avoid using the “mute” feature on the sound board.  It is better to use the slider to turn off a mic.
  • The Director of Worship Arts will provide specific instructions about anthems and special music for each service, which are included on the Tech Bulletin. Please be sure to review those instructions and ask any questions you may have prior to the service.

Visual Technicians

  • Please have the announcements running at least 20 minutes before the service begins.
  • Please keep focused on what is happening in the worship service.  Do not get involved in other tasks or discussions with individuals.  You need to ensure that the proper slide is running at the proper time.
  • For prayers or hymns that run over multiple slides, advance the slide when the congregation reads/sings the last words of the slide.  If you wait until they are finished, it will be too late.
  • Hitting ‘F5’ will refresh the presentation if you are having difficulty.

Sanctuary Lighting

  • The controls for our sanctuary lighting is located at the tech corral.
  • A guide to the light settings is taped to the counter.  Note what settings are used for times when the choir is singing or the pastor is preaching.
  • Be sure that you select the new lighting setting BEFORE you deselect the previous setting.