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The word ‘liturgy’ literally means ‘the work of the people’.  This is why including lay persons in the leadership of our worship services is important to us at Charlton Church.  Here are some general guidelines for our liturgists:

  • A Leader Bulletin is prepared each week which has all of the readings, as well as any notes on interest for the Pastor, Liturgist and Ushers.  It is usually emailed to the Liturgist each week.  If you do not receive one by Saturday, please call Chuck Kaufmann at 717-343-7975.
  • Be sure to read the Leader Bulletin prior to the service, and practice your readings, especially Scriptures.
  • Check with the pastor on Sunday mornings to see if any changes have been made or if there are any special instructions.
  • The liturgist enters and leaves the sanctuary with the pastor.
  • Be sure to use your Leader Bulletin and do not read from the projection on the back wall. The Leader Bulletin often includes special things to say, such as introductions or when to tell the people to be seated.
  • Please be sure the microphone is pointed toward you, and speak clearly and confidently.
  • The liturgist often assists the pastors with the elements during communion services.