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Communion Stewards prepare the elements for celebration of Holy Communion.

The Pastor and Director of Worship Arts will work out the details for each communion service. 

An instruction sheet will be in the kitchen detailing the amount of trays needed for the service.

The bread and juice will be purchased and available in the kitchen.

Communion ware can be found in the kitchen off the multi-purpose room.

Bread plates should be lined with a doily. Be sure that you use only one doily. They tend to stick together and are hard to separate.

Cut the bread into cubes. Place lids on plates to keep the bread fresh.

Each communion tray holds 40 cups. A communion cup filler is available. It works well and will allow you to fill the cups without dripping. Fill the cups ¾ full to avoid spilling.

The elements can be prepared on Saturday and either placed on the altar or left in the sanctuary on a cart. If it is a very hot day, prepare the trays and leave them in the kitchen until Sunday morning, at which time they can be placed on the altar. At any time, do not put any brass pieces in the refrigerator, as the moisture will cause the brass to pit and tarnish.

Under normal conditions, Team A will prepare the communion elements.  They should also work with the Director of Worship Arts after the first service to finesse the trays and ready them for the second service, and to collect the plastic cups from the pews.

Under these same normal conditions, Team B will be responsible for collecting the plastic cups used during the second service, and then clean up all of the communion trays. The plastic cups are not recyclable.  All trays, lids, and plates are to be wiped with a soft cloth, covered and put away. Unused juice and bread cubes should be taken home. Since the unused juice and bread have been consecrated, they should not be thrown away. The juice may be used for human consumption or poured into the ground and the bread crumbs may be fed to the birds.

A few pieces of consecrated bread and some juice may be left in the refrigerator for the pastor to use during home communion visits.

Special instructions will be provided and communion stewards will be informed when communion will be offered by intinction.  At those times, the chalice(s) should be filled and round loaves of bread are used.