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The purpose of the acolyte is to remind the worshippers that the presence of God’s Spirit is with us during worship. 

They do this at the beginning of the service by lighting the altar candles. 

Here are some quick tips to remember:
- All children will be trained during K.I.D.s Club before serving as an acolyte.
- Check with the pastor before the service to see if you can light the candles.
- The pastor will try to ensure that everyone gets a turn.
- Check your appearance; look your best for God!

Instructions on lighting the candles:
- Walk slowly up to the center of the altar.
- Bow your head and pause for a moment.
- Light the RIGHT candle.
- Pause in the center and bow your head.
- Light the LEFT candle.
- Pause in the center once again and bow your head.
- Pull the lever down to extinguish the candle.  DO NOT blow out the flame.Type your paragraph here.