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There are so many tears shed in our lives and tears shed throughout the Bible.

The reasons for all the tears seems endless. This Lent we will look to the tears

from throughout the years and see how Jesus turns our tears into triumph.

Sunday, March 10   ::   Tears of Sorrow   ::   Psalm 56:8 & Hebrews 4:15
Jesus experienced so much sorrow in his life. From the innocents killed at his birth

to the ones who died beside him on their crosses, Jesus knew and experienced

the deepest griefs this world would cause.

Sunday, March 17   ::   Tears of Despair   ::   Psalm 137:1-4 & Matthew 9:20 / Psalm 34:11-20
Despair happens when hope is gone. Like the time the Hebrew people hung up their harps by the Babylon river, they couldn’t even sing because of their despair. We will learn to reach out to Jesus in our despair.

Sunday, March 24   ::   Tears of Redemption   ::   Luke 7:36-50 / Colossians 1:15-22
Mary’s story of washing Jesus feet with her tears is a power story of redemption. Mary continued to follow and support Jesus during his earthly ministry. May we who are redeemed continue to follow and support Jesus working in our world today.

Sunday, March 31   ::   Tears of Regret   ::   Luke 9:62 & 2 Corinthians 12:6-10 / Philippians 3:7-14
Regret is like a large wall that can’t be passed in a person’s life. We can live behind the wall of regret and shrink away from the world. Or we can accept the Lord’s forgiveness and direction and move on. We will learn to get how to overcome the regrets in our lives.

Sunday, April 7   ::   Tears of Compassion   ::  John 11:33-36 & 1 Corinthians 12:25-26 / Mark 6:30-34
Jesus wept when he saw Martha’s tears. Compassion defines Jesus’ heart and should define our hearts as well. We will look to grow our compassion for the lost and the least.

Sunday, April 14   ::   Tears of Frustration   ::   Luke 19:41-44 / Matthew 21:1-11
Jesus wept as he saw Jerusalem during the triumphal entry. He was so frustrated that the people is the city were closed to him and would soon crucify him. They had not turned their hearts to him no matter what Jesus said and did. In frustration Jesus wept. What frustrates you to tears? We will look to the Lord to guide and help us in our frustration.
Maundy Thursday, April 18   ::   Tears of Anguish   ::   Mark 14:32-42 / Hebrews 5:5-9
In the garden Jesus wept with a depth we will never comprehend. His disciples slept as he poured his heart out to God. We will look to one who experienced such great anguish to comfort us in our times of anguish.

Good Friday, April 19   ::   Tears of Death   ::   Luke 23:26-31
The innocent one laid down his life for the sinful. There is perhaps no greater time for tears then when facing death. Yet, Jesus when facing his death turned the mourner’s attention back on themselves to prepare for their own death. We too will face our mortality and give thanks to the one who laid down his life so we might live.

Easter Sunday, April 21   ::   Tears of Joy   ::   Revelation 7:17 / Revelation 21:1-7
Jesus arose conquering sin, death, and the grave. Heave is now open and described as a place where all tear will be wiped away. We will examine what this means, and celebrate Jesus resurrection that makes eternal life possible.

Sunday, April 28   ::   Tears of Love   ::   Matthew 26:29 / John 14:1-4
Family reunions are full of tear especially ones where family has not seen each other in many years. These are happy tears of bring with our loves ones again. Jesus offering us the promise of gathering around a great banquet table in heaven with one BIG family reunion. We will learn more about this great day and celebrate the hope we have in Jesus. 

Psalm 122:1

I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'