Sunday, May 27   : :   120 Disciples
There is great significance in the Biblical number 120. We see it in some special places in the Bible which helps us better understand Luke’s report of 120 disciples in the upper room. This number will help us better understand the great significance of the coming of the Holy Spirit.   (Acts 1:15-26 / John 14:15-27)

Sunday, June 3   : :   Psalms of Summer: Remembering Why We Worship God
It seems like every summer there is a song that reaches the top of the charts and people sing it all summer long. Psalm 95 has been sung long before there was a top 40 countdown. The Psalm will remind us why we worship God and give us passion to worship God more fully.  (Psalm 95 / Psalm 104: 1-4 & 31-34)

Sunday, June 10   : :   Psalms of Summer: The Steadfast Love of the Lord
We will examine the steadfast love of the Lord on this Sunday. As you know, in this life things come and go. Even sure things are shaky at times and can fail. We will rejoice together in God’s steadfast love forever.  (Psalm 89 / Lamentations 3:22-26)

Sunday, June 17   : :   Psalms of Summer: Praise the Lord
Praise changes things. In good times, praise God. In bad times, praise God. In quiet times, praise God. Praising God changes our hearts for the better.  (Psalm 148 / Psalm 86:1-13)

Sunday, June 24  
We will be joined in worship by a representative of Mission Central who will share more about their ministry with us and how we, as a congregation, have been able to touch the lives of people around the world through their ministry.

Sunday, July 1   : :   Biblical Positions for Worship
Throughout the Bible, people have used different bodily positions to worship God. From lying flat face down on the ground to standing tall with arms stretched wide, people have been using their posture to add to their worship for centuries. We will demonstrate these positions for you and encourage you to practice them as part of your prayer life and at appropriate times on Sunday morning.  (Genesis 24:26 / Psalm 95:1-7)

Sunday, July 8   : :   Cruising With Paul: Trip 1
Paul was met with immediate success on his first missionary journey. Then the jealously of the religious leaders broke against Paul’s ministry. Paul and his companions overcame these odds and more to preach the good news.  (Acts 13:4–14:26 / Romans 1:8-17)

Sunday, July 15   : :   Cruising With Paul: Trip 2
Paul’s second mission journey is met with more resistance, but through the power of the Spirit, Paul finds ways to continue his ministry. Paul finds himself in prison, running for his life, and preaching at an altar of an unknown god.  (Acts 15:36–18:22 / 2 Corinthians 11:21b-28)

Sunday, July 22   : :   Cruising With Paul: Trip 3
Paul’s third and final missionary journey is just as amazing as the other two. On this journey, a young man fell asleep when Paul was preaching, he got a real wakeup call from Paul. There are riots, threats, and great faith all on display for this journey of Paul.  (Acts 18:22–21:17 / 2 Timothy 4:6-8)

Sunday, July 29   : :   Amazing Grace: The Story of John Newton
The story of John Newton is a powerful example of God’s amazing grace. We will hear this story and be moved to sing and praise God all the more.  (Romans 8:31-19 / Ephesians 2:1-10)

Sunday, August 5   : :   Your Gethsemane
Not everyone grows in their spiritual life the same way. There is no one-size-fits-all way to make disciples for Jesus. We are all different and need different ways to come to the Lord. Over the next three week series, we will discover ways that work best for us to grow in the Lord.  (Luke 5:16 / Matthew 26:36-46)

Sunday, August 12   : :   Sacred Pathways
Gary Thomas, in his book Sacred Pathways, suggests nine different ways in which people can better grow their spiritual lives.  We will examine all nine and determine what path is best for you to travel upon to grow in the Lord.  (Mark 12:30 / Matthew 11:28-29)

Sunday, August 19   : :   Tending Your Garden
You need to tend a garden to make it grow, and you need to tend your spiritual life to make it grow. We will end our series pulling together all we have learned to determine our next faithful steps to tend the garden of our faith.  (Proverbs 4 / John 15:1-5)

Sunday, August 26   : :   The Lord’s Psalm
Have you ever noticed any similarities between the 23rd Psalm and the Lord’s Prayer? We will take a closer look at these foundations of our faith thru the reading of Scripture, music and prayer.  (Psalm 23 / Matthew 6: 9-13)

Sunday, September 2   : :  Let Us Labor for the Master
As our summer worship schedule comes to a close, let us celebrate as a family of faith and dedicate the works of our hands to God’s glory. 


At Charlton, we prefer not to use terms such as 'traditional' or 'contemporary'. We strive to provide worship experiences that are uplifting and inspirational, and reflect a variety of Christian traditions.  Our music is chosen based on the theme of the day, incorporating cherished hymns of the past as well as newer songs of praise.

In addition to our Sunday morning worship services, special services are held throughout the year as we celebrate holy days such as Advent, Christmas Eve, Lent, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Nursery care for infants and toddlers is available on Sunday mornings from 9 am until 11 am.  Charlton Church is a SAFE SANCTUARY, with policies in place to reduce the risk of child abuse.

Psalm 122:1

I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'

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